What a Strange Place

Looking West toward North Carolina the sun drops into the Atlantic

Looking west toward North Carolina the sun drops into the Atlantic

I created this blog at the request of others that wanted to follow my travels and experiences. What a strange place refers to my view of earth and life on earth from my perspective.

Isn’t it strange that two-thirds of the our planet is covered with water? Isn’t it strange that some places are unbearably hot while others are freezing cold? Isn’t it strange that people all over the world have vastly different ideals and customs? Isn’t it strange that I, think?

I’m a middle aged male born in North America. From the northeast in Canada to the southwest in Mexico I’ve seen a lot of the continent. Since my late teens I haven’t lived in any one place for more than five years. This sort of lifestyle has allowed me to see and do a great many things, and I’m not done yet. Follow along to see where the road less traveled takes me next.


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