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Old Man Winter

Winter is settling in here, in fact a snow storm is headed my way as I type this. Eight to thirteen inches of snow is predicted. The snow blower is prepped, gassed up, and test run. Last year it was picking up gravel from the driveway so a height adjustment was made – up 3/4 inch.

Blowing Snow - Feb 2013

Blowing Snow – Feb 2013

Icicles encase moss and vegetation - Feb 2013

Icicles encase moss and vegetation – Feb 2013

Christmas is not far off now. I’ll be heading west to spend the holiday with my children. Happy holidays to all!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



Every new blog…

Every new blog needs a first post

Today I started looking into WordPress to set up a blog. I’ve been reading all day and dabbling with the settings and images. The blog that you see before you now will likely change many times in the near future. Pages and photo galleries will be added… and many, many more posts.

It’s getting cold here

For some of us, winter is coming with unrelenting persistence. The temperatures will fall to levels where even icicles will beg for a sweater. When you venture out into the crisp and frigid winter wonderland, don some Kahtoola MicroSpikes to keep your ass out of the snow.

Watch the ice!

Watch the ice!