Traveling Light

This season I’ll be traveling for the holidays and packing for the trip has come to the top of my to-do list. My personal preference is to travel very light whenever I can get away with it. I’ll be using a daypack type backpack similar to this Osprey Escapist 20 as my carry-on.

DayPack I’ll also wear a Gore-Tex jacket with several large pockets. No checked baggage at all. What I pack in these two items will be sufficient (mostly) for my two to three month trip across the U.S. and half way around the world to Thailand. I’ll pack clothes for five to seven days doing laundry along the way as needed. The daypack will be my carry-on and is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on any airplane from regional commuter to jumbo jet.¬† The Gore-Tex jacket has four very large pockets. The pockets will be stuffed with clothes and gear making it my second piece of luggage, but the airlines don’t consider it luggage since I’ll be wearing it. Being Gore-Tex, it’s highly versatile. Light enough to wear on cool 60 degree days, yet when worn as a shell over several other layers it’ll keep you warm down to freezing temperatures. It’s also waterproof, which may come in handy in the rainy, tropical climate of Thailand.

I’ll use an Android tablet instead of a laptop computer for web, blog, and email. This saves a lot of space and it uses the same charger as my cell phone.

Bundle packing is a great way to keep things from getting wrinkled. Just remember to pack some items that you might need outside the bundle for easy access. Here’s a video I found on YouTube that explains it.

 Consider traveling light the next time you travel. No overweight baggage fees, no waiting to check bags, no waiting to retrieve checked bags, and no lost luggage.

Happy Holidays!

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