And I’m Off… OR Not

Well, my trip is off to a rocky start. In my email this morning there was a notification that my flight was delayed. The plane I was supposed to leave on, was going to be about nine hours late arriving at the local airport. Needless to say, there was no way I was going to make my connection in Chicago. It seems that the airline’s computers automatically booked me on the next available flight from Chicago to Portland, after taking into account my delayed arrival. The next available flight, with available seats, was Christmas day! Leaving me with a layover at the Chicago airport of about 40 hours!!! I think not.

I called customer service but didn’t have much luck getting the flight rescheduled to my liking, that is, arriving in Portland before Christmas. So I decided to drive the 45 minutes to the airport to chat with the ticket agent there about my other options. After an hour or so waiting in line I was transferred to a different airline and had tickets in hand that would put me into Portland today at about 9:00pm.  As luck would have it, easing the frustration of this SNAFU, the only seat left on the cross-country flight was first class. Since the delay was the fault of the airline (apparently an aircraft maintenance issue), there was no extra charge for the first class seat.  Or, maybe they knew I was blogging and wanted me to write nice things about them. 😉

In the end I’m glad I went to the airport to reschedule my ticket. Telephone support seemed unwilling or unable to book me onto another airline to complete my trip in a timely manner. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be uneventful. Or if it is eventful, it’ll be in a good way!

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