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A Week in San Diego

First of all, a special thanks to my friends and family here in San Diego. My sister put me up at her place and cooked me some fantastic meals, making my stay in San Diego pretty cheap. She treated me to a day out at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, and lent me her car to run some errands too. On Sunday, some other friends that my sister and I have known for years, invited us to dinner. We had perfectly grilled, marinated Ahi tuna, al dente asparagus spears,  and flavorful red wine. A leisurely dip in the hot tub completed a remarkable evening. This all is very much appreciated as money doesn’t grow on trees in my back yard. I did splurge a bit in Portland, and glad I did, as the time with my kids was well worth it; we don’t get to see each other often enough. Once I get to Thailand I’ll be looking to live inexpensively, eating from street food carts and staying in some cheaper accommodations. I’ve read that a furnished studio apartment can be had for less than $350 per month. We’ll see.

The weather here in Sad Diego has been close to perfect. A bit of a preview of what awaits me in Thailand, I hope. It’s been mostly mid-seventies during the day and forties at night, although this morning it was 29°F when I awoke. This was nowhere near as cold as in the Northeast U.S. where, with the windchill, it was 25° below zero (-25°F). Have to say, I’m not missing that one bit.

I like the hiking here in Southern Cal. Getting out there is easy since the weather is rarely an excuse. A short drive out to Lake Poway provided a hiking trail that is quite popular. We shared the trail with other hikers,  mountain bikers and horseback riders.

Trail around Lake Poway, Notice the Horses at the Bend on the Left

Trail around Lake Poway, Notice the Horses at the Bend on the Left

Lake Poway

Lake Poway

Here in San Diego, I’ve spent many of my days learning how to work with my tablet computer for blogging. The Android operating system is very young. I’m finding things that I took for granted on a Windows machine often don’t work on the tablet. For instance, I can plug a keyboard and mouse into the tablet but the Home and End keys don’t work, and right clicking on a mouse often does nothing. These little bugs are slowing me down for sure.

Photo editing is another tool that is clumsy on the tablet. I am exploring new programs, and will eventually find a solution, but I really miss Photoshop on my laptop. I discovered a scaled down version of Photoshop for Android,  I’ll be trying that out in the near future.

Since I won’t be back in the San Diego area for some time,  I headed out to my favorite  Mexican spot for one more visit. This time I opted for Huevos Rancheros, English translation – Rancher’s Eggs.

Huevos Rancheros - "rancher's eggs"

Huevos Rancheros – “rancher’s eggs”

Buried under the avocado and the cheese are a couple fried eggs, salsa, beans, rice, and a corn tortilla. I’ve found that, like most things, there are as many ways to make this dish as there are chefs. It’s always one of my favorites and I rarely pass it up when it’s on the breakfast menu. This was $8.00 at a local diner, it’ll be interesting to see how much it costs in Thailand.

I head out for Thailand tomorrow. It’s going to be a very, very long day with total travel time being more than 28 hours; if all goes well… lol. I’d better get to packing since I’ve only got a few hours left to prep for the trip. So far my plan for traveling light has worked out pretty well, though I did borrow a sweater in Portland to combat the cold there. I’ll try to update as I go along, but it may be difficult once I leave the U.S. since my phone won’t work till I get to Thailand and slip in a new SIM card.